Jose Mourinho: De Gea not leaving

David De Gea will be at Old Trafford this upcoming season according to Jose Mourinho.

“I can guarantee he’s not going this season,” Mourinho said. “That I can, and my feeling is it will be very difficult for him to go.

“He’s a very honest boy, very straight, and he was contacted for a long time. The club was closed, then we open because I always have this feeling of when a player has a desire to go I don’t like to stop players to go, because in the end you don’t get from them what you expect, if you want to move and they want to move.

“And so we open it and then they decide to close and I don’t think the feeling from him is really, really good and I see him really happy and focused and working better than ever so for me, so 100% he stays with us.”